Rose cautiously parked the bike, in an easy to reach location. She looked around her, but could see nothing but the dark mountains silhouetted against the setting sun. Night was closing in on Dead Valley. A chill ran up her spine. It sent shivers down her arms and she found herself rubbing them. Almost as an instinct she reached for her backpack, to only remember that she never picked it back up after she heard the gunshots. And that caused her numb memory to recall what only happened mere hours ago.

“Rose?” Came the whisper. Forgetting all the sorrows and pain she sharply turned at the sound, her muscles ready for flight, adrenaline already pumping.

A tall muscular African man stepped from the shadows. His hair was in tight cornrows, his skin was dark enough to match the night and his gray eyes shined in his stone like face.

“Its Kemar.” Said the man, the voice matched his physique, strong and deep.

Rose’s skilled eyes took him in and she stepped back quickly.

“You’re one of them.” She said plainly.

The look of surprise on Kemar’s face said enough. He thought she would think he was human. But she had seen enough vampires…rogues to be exact to know the differences. If vampires drank their nourishment often enough they were near impossible to distinguish from humans. But those were only the incredibly wealthy. The glowing eyes and pale, pale skin was a thing of fairy tales. In fact, the only way to tell a human from an immortal was indeed by their skin and their pointed teeth. Vampires -like rogues- who did not drink enough blood looked ashen. Their skin looked dead, because that was what it was. Without blood running through their heart, arteries, veins and capillaries, their skin looked lifeless. And even though it was night she could tell that Kemar had not fed in a while. In any kind of light she would bet anything that his skin would be cracked, ashy, and dry. How could she tell (besides having to check their teeth)? Simple…whatever natural light was about, it did not reflect on his skin. It was a trick her father taught her. Light always reflected on a humans skin because of the natural oil glands. Without blood, vampires had to do without.

“No…wait. I am friends with your parents. They asked me to help you, protect you in case…something like this happened.”

Rose eyed him suspiciously; this was the man she was supposed to meet. But how can she know that he didn’t kill the real Kemar and was pretending to be him?

“Someone sold the whole clan out, was it—“

“It was not me. It was someone else who have been shadowing your group for a while now.”


“You have never seen them. They probably work for the military. Your parents knew and contacted me several days ago. I take it you have the pass?”

Rose ignored the question with this new found knowledge in her head she asked instead, “Why didn’t they tell anyone? So many lives could have been saved…why didn’t you make a pass for them?!”

“They knew it would be futile to try and escape the shadower, and they wanted you to live…you are special Rose.” He said taking a step towards her.

She backed up again, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Before he could answer a bullet ricocheted by them, “They found us!” He said signaling her to follow him as they ran.

Rose screamed as another bullet flew passed her.
“RUN!” He screamed, pulling her.

It wasn’t long before she could see the Boundary before them. It was a long, high wall of titanium steel. It seemed that there was no end in sight when you looked at either side, and the height was too tall to see in the dark.

“Take out your pass” He said taking his out. He began smoothing her hair and fixing her clothes, when she swatted his hand away, “I can do it.” She said, still not really trusting this…vampire.

“I have to warn you, when we enter the Sectors, we have to really run before the rogues get to us.”

She looked at him, “Why the hell are we going in there then!?”

He kept looking behind him, “We gotta hurry, I can sense them…the military…closing in.” He began walking ahead fast.

“Wait! Stop! Please…just explain to me where we are going.” Rose said confused.

He looked at her wearily, “You know what the Boundary is right? Its this large wall…” He said gesturing, “There are three entrance points, Terminal 1 is the main, the largest, well-guarded entrance because it leads straight into Metropolis A. Terminal 2 leads into Metropolis B and would be the ideal entrance for us except its guarded as well.

Terminal 3 is our entrance because there are no guards, its all computerized.”

“Why isn’t it guarded?”

“Because it leads into the Sectors, where the rogues live. They killed any guards that were stationed there and the high and wealthy politicians decided to computerize it and have it on 24 hour video cam access by the other 2 terminals.”

“So they will see us when we go in.”

“Yes..but it will take a couple minutes before the computer realizes that your card is a fake access code. And with the time it takes the guards to get from one terminal to the next we will hopefully be gone.”

Rose nodded, “Lets do it.”

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  1. Oooooooooo!!! I’m scared FOR them! I absolutely loved the detail you put into describing the vampires and how to distinguish them from humans. It prompts me to ask, are you a vampire Dusty??? : D. J/K. Keep up the brilliant work!!

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    • Kemar is actually based on a real friend of mine. XDD Given he’s not as muscular, but he has a very handsome face. :}

      Thank you! Im so happy that it comes across that way to the readers.

      December 12, 2011 at 7:50 am

  9. Her parents sacrificed for her to get here and it’s sad they knew that they were going to be found out and killed like that 😦 I can understand Rose’s distrust…you’d think this “minor” detail of Kemar being a vampire would be relevant for her parents to mention since they are the cause of all the fear but amid the chaos that was in the gunfight of chapter one it’s easy to see how that information could slip their minds! This is an incredible read! You pack so much into these chapters it makes me sad when I get to the end though I’m happy there are a few more I have to read before I really have to wait…I hate waiting! 😦

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    • Yes, her parents had to keep a terrible secret, and had to live with the knowledge that people would be killed and the children enslaved. But they did do it for a higher purpose, for saving their daughter. It seems a bit selfish though doesn’t it? Why would they chose to save her rather than the innocent little kids? Its a question that burns in Rose’s mind in the later chapters. :}

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