Kemar slung his hand over her shoulder and started laughing.

Rose caught on as she saw the camera high on the boundary wall rotate, focusing on them. She laughed too, joining Kemar in his fictional story of the party they were trying to find.

“I could swear it was out here babes!”

He nonchalantly scanned his pass, Rose did the same. The scanner lit up as it did its check on the bar code numerals.

“Get ready.” He whispered in her hair, to the camera it might have looked like a kiss. The heavy metal began to slide back revealing the entrance of the empty terminal. Rose glanced quickly around, behind two security fences on either side of the door were multiple cameras and monitors with different images of surveillance. The terminal itself was covered with garbage and lots of graffiti, the area in general was so different compared to Dead Valley was strange to think that a step-foot away was the desert when behind that great wall stood an entire city divided into three caste systems. Just by the look of the terminal she guessed that the Sectors was the poorest of the three…made sense since it was inhibited by mostly rogues. Metropolis A was probably the richest of the three with the towering skyscrapers and condominium’s in the distance and even though she couldn’t see Metropolis B, she took an educated guess that it was occupied by the middle class. When the door shut behind them they began walking quickly.

Kemar’s vampiric senses piqued up, “I can hear them…damn there’s a lot of them near here…”

“The rogues?” She asked. He nodded, “We should start running no?” Rose asked, mentally preparing herself.

“No..they aren’t bothering us…yet. They might just –“ he didn’t finish his sentence when a skinny tall, pale man with an abundance of red hair fell in front of them, he had jumped from the nearby shack roof.  Two more seemed to follow, taking up spots behind him.

The man sniffed the air looking directly at Rose, but spoke to Kemar, “Give us the blood bitch.” he said coolly.

Kemar bared his teeth as he pushed Rose behind him. “I do not think that will be possible. See shes my human tonight. I caught her.”

The other vampire laughed, “Caught? Why isn’t she running then big man?”

Rose had enough of this; there was no difference in hiding behind Kemar like a scared rabbit. Before Kemar could respond she stepped out of his shadow, “She liked his proposition.”

More laughter came from behind them; it was the other two vampires plus several others hidden in the shadows, all attracted to the human scent she naturally carried.

“OOoo…We got a vampire junkie.” said the white haired one that lounged on top of the garbage bin. “You sure he can fulfill your need? Why dont you come on over and join us..we can have some fun.”

Kemar didn’t need to look around him, he was older than all of the little babies here, he knew how many there were just by their rancid smell, 15. And he could feel more coming as well. He played down to their level though, no need for them to know what they were up against. “The Metro boys are coming soon…through that door,” he pointed to the one Rose and himself had just came through, “and from the other two terminals.”

“Please…we can take all of them. What we want right now is her” said what was obviously the ring leader of this little pack. He took a step forward.

“Then if you’re not worried about the Metro boys, then maybe you’ll be worried about the other rogue pack coming.”

“How do you know—“ the leader took a sniff at the air and whistled, his group was small compared to the one coming. “It’s the Midnight Bloods.” He said a little fearfully.

“It is…Shit..” said Kemar. Rose looked at him questionably.

“The Sectors is ruled by the Midnight Bloods, a powerful group of Rogues led by Madame O. I was hoping not to draw their attention. We gotta run…” He said taking her hand. The group that was before them began to disperse, even though their leader commanded them to stay. Rose didn’t need to be a vampire to see the fear.

Kemar pulled Rose right behind him as they fled the area. They seemed to be running towards all the bright lights ahead. Kemar informed her in a shout that they were going to Metropolis A. There they were sure not to be followed as there were lots of humans there for her to blend in and tight security against entrance of rogues. That surprised her.

“What do you mean?”

Kemar tossed her a glance, “What? You thought all the humans taken were turned?” He laughed, “Worse actually. Some are sold to the highest bidder and turned into blood banks for the rich.” A quizzical look from Rose kept him talking, “They are like…slaves…used for their blood though. Many of the children in your group will most likely be sold because the government made it illegal to turn anyone younger than 18. They don’t ‘deem’ it fair to have someone be forever young. Once they are of age, they are given the choice of being turned into a vampire or continuing to be a blood slave to the owners who bought them. There are mostly children and teenagers who are blood slaves. No one wants to be a slave longer than they have to.” He said.

Rose studied the back of his head for a moment. “Why are you helping us….me..?”

Kemar stopped at the bridge that connected the Sectors to Metropolis A and turned to her.

“Im not the person to ask that. I wouldn’t know what to tell you anyways.” He said.

They began walking towards the lights, when Rose stopped.

“Rose…do not run from me…stop……come to me….” whispered a masculine voice through her mind. She felt compelled to do as it asked, why shouldnt she? It was asking so sweetly, so nicely…

Kemar turned to look at her.

16 responses

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  4. Kate: Nope :}

    Buttons: Your welcome! It was funny cause he was making that expression without me having to do it, perfect capture!

    Rika: Bad voices!! And thanks!

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    • Thank you!
      They are certainly fun to make!
      There will be…how’d you know? ;}

      Thank you EQ!! Im happy Ive got you hooked ;}

      December 12, 2011 at 7:55 am

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    Now to that voice…someone from the Midnight Bloods?

    I like the way the caste system is! It actually reminds me of Romero’s take only with vampires and it’s great!

    January 14, 2012 at 3:55 am

    • Thank you! Even though it takes alot of time and work, I personally LOVE building sets. Im glad that you like them!

      I think Kemar realizes that she is a cautious person. Even though her parents told her to meet him, she still had a million and one sensible questions running through her mind. So he sees it in his best interest to tell her what ever he can. Kemar is a pretty macho guy, but Rose can certainly stand on her own two feet. She might be scared silly and nervous inside, but she would never show it.

      Hmm..might be?

      I thought the caste system was appropriate to show that even though everyone is kind of on the same level with the whole ‘immortal/vampire’ chemical bit, there is still prejudice and separation now due to certain distinctions and of course there is still the greed for money present. It shows that human nature is still the same no matter how equalized everyone seems to become.

      January 14, 2012 at 9:20 am

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