Rose turned to find the cause of the strong will she had to look behind her, to run into the arms of the unknown. There was another person standing there in the shadows. She couldn’t see the face, just his silhouette against the lights behind him. He stood alone, strong, tall. He had an air of importance around him that made her want to bow down and pledge her allegiance to him.

“Kemar Alved….are you really running…from me?” Came the silky yet masculine voice in a mocking tone.

Kemar pulled Rose behind him again; he stood defiant against this new foe.

“What do you want River.” His voice was hard and dangerous, if it was the red haired vamp from before Rose was sure just that tone would have sent him running. He had an aura of power emanating from him. He was showing his power level to this other vampire.

Rose gripped Kemar’s shoulder, she closed her eyes. Convulsions ran through her body like a tiny tremor, her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth opened slightly. He was calling her, wanted her to go to him, why couldn’t she go to him? When she reopened her eyes, she found it was Kemar that was holding her wrist, pulling her back from whatever was pulling her.

In that instant she despised the man before them. He was powerful, she could tell just by his compulsion with a mere word running through her mind, but he relied too much on his vampiric abilities. Her hate is what set her free from him. It was as if a cloud had cleared over her mind, the fuzziness around her eyesight was gone and she could think straight, see straight.

“A question with a question.” This time the man stepped forward, a slight smile on his face that was still a mystery to Rose. He played the light and shadows well, making them work to his advantage… making him seem mystical and dangerous.

“Lets try this again shall we? Have you told her exactly what you are and where you are taking her?” River said taking another step forward.

Rose looked from River to Kemar, “What does he mean?” They both seemed to ignore her.

“I already told her who I am.”

“Really? How interesting…so you told her how her parents trusted you and you betrayed them by giving their location away? Told her that you are a bounty hunter hired by Rick Black? That when she enters that building she will be—“

“ENOUGH!” Kemar shouted.

Rose stepped away from Kemar, but his grip was still tight on her, a little more and he could crush her wrist. He looked at her, “Don’t listen to him Rose, he is lying.” But his eyes gave him away. They weren’t concerned, sad, appealing to her better judgment. They were cold, hard, and dark with anger at his plan falling apart just when he was so close to accomplishing it.

River took another step forward and Kemar pulled a gun from the small of his back under his sweater and aimed it at Rose.

She gasped as she looked at this man who she trusted.

“Take a step closer and I’ll kill her River. And you know she won’t be of any use to either of us dead.” He grabbed Rose by the arm and pulled her with him, the gun pressed against her temple now.

The smirk on Rivers face had disappeared, and a scowl replaced it. “You can’t escape us Kemar, Madame O has eyes everywhere; she wont be in your custody for long.” He said in a lower growl.

It was Kemar’s turn to laugh as he backed up. They kept walking until River was a  small and dark speck in the distance.

“You son of a bitch.” Rose choked out. “It was you that sold my parents out. How could you?! They trusted you!” Kemar shrugged as he pulled her into Metropolis A’s streets.

“They didn’t pay enough.” Then he laughed, “Get it? Cause they didn’t pay me anything.” He laughed at his own joke shaking his head before he said.

“C’mon, did you honestly think that the military would send one man to find us? That they would fire and miss us and then we would miraculously lose them?” he scoffed at her.

“The military is run by the man I work for darling, Rick Black. And they are comprised of vampires….trust me…if they wanted us found and dead, we would be so already. No human escapes the military when spotted.” It all dawned on Rose that the entire run in the desert to the Boundary was a setup, a ruse to get her to trust him. She struggled against him, curses falling from her mouth as she blinked back tears, she would not give him the satisfaction. But as she focused on her surroundings rather than her anger, she stopped in her tracks at the sight before her.

There were humans in plain clothes, collars around their necks, walking behind elegantly dressed vampires. She looked at the majority that were children and choked back the scream that wanted to tear her open. She could see some had punctured holes in their neck, other their wrists, a few even had shunts placed in their arms that had a release knob…like they were some kind of walking blood barrel that could be switched on and off at whim.

It was horrible…and yet that didn’t quite describe it either. She was so blind. She never knew that this was what was happening. Did her parents know? How could these people treat children this way? How can they be so heartless? Did the heart shrivel up and die when they purposely infected themselves with the chemical? Questions, ethical questions burned her mind.

Kemar dragged her with her arms behind her back in handcuffs he had procured from his pockets. When he had slapped them on, she didn’t know. He didn’t need his ‘nice guy’ guise anymore. As she walked past the horror that beheld her on the streets, it was all in slow motion and she saw herself faltering. Her feet skipped the pattern of walking, her hearing decreased, and slowly a cloud of black began to veil her eyes.

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    • YES! I succeeded XD
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    • Yay! Saquina! I had no idea how to contact you since your blogs were deleted. :[
      Im so happy to see that you found me nevertheless. :]

      Thank you so much for reading! <33

      And yes, I did create her. :] Im glad you like her! Whilst I was making her I was trying to come up with a background for her, and thats where the basis of the story sprouted from.

      December 17, 2011 at 5:08 am

      • 😀 Well, my blog now is at

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  13. Rika: Its hard to think that there is one person she can…she is truly truly alone now. Before, even though she didnt know Kemar well enough, he was still someone by her side, on her side.

    Seaweedy: Thank you. :} It was based on the concept for dialysis patients. They have a permanent shunt attached to their arm.
    Thank you for the ping!

    Auburn: :} Can I say that Im glad I tricked you? XD I was grinning when I read your previous ch comment. But yes, I do agree it was a very foul thing to do to someone who has no idea where to go, who to trust, someone who lost basically everything just hours ago.

    December 19, 2011 at 8:32 am

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    Man! The way you described that scene in front of that building is sick! Those poor children and I can only wonder why they’d use children in that fashion 😦 I guess the pure the blood the better!

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    • I love reading comments to this chapter! XD

      River is another wild card tossed up into the player list like Kemar. Kemar used Rose’s vulnerability, her parents and played her, and would have to the very end. But thanks to River, Rose was able to see just what was happening, though it was too late. But then as you said, River is doing the very same thing, can he be trusted or can’t he is another question for another chapter entirely. For some reason or another everyone wants her. XD Id hate to be her.

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