“Where is she?” Sneered the man in a suit tailored to fit his big frame.

“Shes out cold in one of the fortified rooms on the 31st floor.” Kemar responded.

“What the hell did you do to her?” Rick Black asked.

“Nothing Boss…she just fainted, shock or something Friedrich said.” He shrugged.

The burly man shook his head, “Good, I don’t want her dead…yet. I heard you had a run in with Madam O’s dog.”

Kemar nodded and took a seat. “How the fuck do they know all the shit we keep on the down low?”

“What do you mean?”

“River practically repeated everything that we were doing.”

Rick shook his head as he ran a hand through his peppered gray hair. “I had a feeling that someone in this company was selling us out to Madam O. And it really limits it to a few people….all the ones that know about the Fosters is a suspect.” Rick slammed his hand into the desk, “Godammit! Cant find good help no where these days. Everyone is so easily bought with money and perks…no loyalty I tell you, none whatsoever.” he turned to look at Kemar inquisitively.

“I need you to shadow this girl from now on. If it is someone in this company, then they are going to really want to get close to her.”

“Why don’t you hire a Shadower for that? Im not exactly a pro at shadowing.”

“So far you are the only one I can trust. Now get outta my office and let them down in the lab know that we have Rose Cassidy Brynn in our custody.”

Kemar sighed, yet nodded and left the room. Under his breath he said, “The day I become Rick Black’s most trusted….shit.”


Rose felt a tiny prick in her arm, she stirred out of her black slumber and swatted at whatever it was.

Out of her hazy vision, she could see two men in white jackets standing over her. She immediately sat up in the bed. She was a tad dizzy but everything stopped spinning as she concentrated on them. One was in the back by the door looking rather concerned, the other look frightened.

“Where the hell am I?” She asked standing up and finding that when she did the dizziness came back. The other man standing by the door came to her aid, but she waved his hand away.


Rose cast the frightened one who was responding a look, the other instead answered, “Your in a locked room at Synthesis. This is Dr. Friedrich Hamilton and Im Dr. John Montgomery. And we were taking some of your blood to run tests with.” Kemar walked in just then, “Get out.” He barked at the scientists. Friedrich was the one to leave first. He still looked frightened like she was the vampire and he was the human.

John looked at her a bit longer, and lingered before Kemar tossed him a look. Rose stood up then, “You son of a bitch. You lied, you killed everyone!” She screamed and attempted to fight the bigger man with fury in her eyes, her fists landing justly on his chest before Kemar pushed her aside with one hand.

The room was so small that she found herself falling into the wall, a hard hit at the shortness of the fall and intensity of the push.

“What am I doing here?” She demanded.

Kemar ignored her question and instead said, “We can do this the easy way, and the hard way. The easy way is letting the doctors take whatever specimen they need, however many times they need to. The hard way is….” he paused a moment to chuckle as he leaned over her, “The hard way is me.” Rose stood defiant against the taller man.  She knew she couldn’t beat him no matter what she did. Her best bet would be using the doctors when they were in the room to her advantage….the shaky bespectacled one was a good choice. Resisting the urge to lay a slap across his smug face she said instead, “Send them in.”

“What? You don’t want the hard way? I was looking forward to the fighting, scratching, perhaps a little biting.”  Kemar mocked still leaning awfully close to her.

He traced a finger over her exposed collar bone, “Maybe we can play a little afterwards with those handcuffs, some liquor…you seem like you would be fun if you loosened up. No wonder your parents kept you away, a tasty little ass—“

Rose gave in to her earlier compulsion and slapped him. It left a ringing sensation in her hand but it was worth it to see the anger chase away the lust in his face. She almost didn’t know which to be more afraid of. But she was not too afraid to stare him down until he finally backed up from her personal space and laughed a rich thick laughter. He was still the handsome dark skinned man she met under the blood bathed moon. She couldn’t help but miss the fake Kemar. He was someone she trusted, someone she had latched onto without realizing it. Wagging a finger at her, he still carried that eerie smile with him as he left the room. She heard the door lock in several places before she released the breath she didn’t realize she was holding.

It seemed that Friedrich was still scared of her, since it was only John that came into the room an hour later. He looked around carefully in the hall before he closed the door, turning to her. Disappointed, she looked at the positive: it was still only one.

Rose was meticulously planning her escape, when she noticed him looking at her funny. His eyes were trying to tell her something that she could not decipher.

“What are—“

He cut her off by loudly telling her to straighten her arm for him to take the needed amount of blood. But his eyes said something different. He kept flicking his eyes towards the side wall. She looked over and caught sight of the surveillance camera, its red light blinking steadily. How had she not noticed that before? She turned back to the man before her as he said in a whispered voice,  “I’m here to help.” He was barely moving his lips, and she had to strain to hear him. But she made it out.

She looked at him curiously, “What do you mean?”

He cleared his throat and instructed her to open her mouth so he could take a swab of her inner cheek. With her blood in tiny vials and a cotton swab in a test tube clutched in his hands he stood up, giving her a look that obviously meant something like don’t worry. But she had no idea what he was talking about and could only muster a semi confident nod before he left. What the hell was that about? What did he mean he was here to help? Damn, she thought to herself, she missed her chance at escaping….not that she would get very far as she saw the black shape of a militant guard outside her door. She was foolish to think she could escape. Those men out there were vampires, deadly in their own right and to add to the damage, they carried guns. She highly doubted they actually needed it. Rose curled herself onto the bed and stared at the wall in front of her, questions running rampant in her mind. But the most prominent thing that presented itself to her was the realization that she was alone, truly alone.

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    On a cheerful note and make way
    For a fresh and bright new year.
    Here’s wishing you all


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  8. Louise54

    Love your story. I hope that man can help her!!

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  10. EQ: That is indeed the new question of the day. :}

    Valpre: LOLZ, I feel your pain, Kemar is so bad he’s likable. :] And same to you!

    Rika: Eeps! I was so nervous to actually curse…even if its just writing it. XD I hardly ever curse in real life, people who had heard me curse realize its only when I am extremely angry. But I need to get used to writing it cause I have written another character for this story who has a bad case of potty mouth, and its adds to who she is and her personality. :} Im glad you enjoyed! ❤

    Buttons: Thank you and the same to you and yours! <33

    Saqina: Thank you doll! I hope baby's first christmas and new years will be wonderful!!

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    Michelle: He is isnt he! I was like o.o when I saw him and knew he I had to download him. All credit goes to IMHO for creating such a lovely male. I dont like using other peoples sims in my stories (even extras are all created by me), but I had to have him. :O
    That is an interesting spin on Kemar! I like it! :} I wonder if its true.. .Hmmm . . .
    Thank you for the wonderful compliment and I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and New Years as well.

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    I am curious what John wants and if he is the one that is leaking information to Madam O! That would be nice to see her finally able to trust someone…I mean really trust someone. Her parents died to make her safe and then this happened. So this is the second time her “specialness” has been mentioned and I am very curious about what that means. Can she singlehandedly repopulate the world with pure bloods and rid them of vampires? Does she have something in her blood that can be replicated for use by the vampires so it makes feeding on humans useless?

    I don’t know if Kemar fears his boss or just hates him but one thing is certain, that’s a man you don’t want to cross. I have to say I don’t know about him. He seems to have a distaste for “cheaters” and “liars” but he hires them to do his dirty work! You can’t make a cheetah change its spots so what makes him think those liars he hires won’t bite the hand that feeds? The very situation he now finds himself in!

    Kemar…yep still waiting to watch his head pop! I hope it’s Rose that does it too! Revenge for what he did to her parents and to her!

    Great job! /sigh almost to the end…to read or not to read…tis the question.

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    • Thank you so much for your comments! I am so happy to find that you are still interested and Im not boring you. XDD

      I think we are all rooting for Rose to find someone she can finally trust. Its been less than a day and she has been through a whirlwind of characters. Im sure that she is weary of trusting.

      Your the only one that has commented on her being special. :} Those are all very interesting ideas you have there. ;}

      I really liked you comment about Rick Black. You are absolutely right, and that is the question.

      Kemar…Kemar has miles to go before he…ahem…sleeps.

      January 14, 2012 at 9:40 am

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