“Allegra came to me a few hours ago. She was giving me a hard time about opening the hatch and letting her go look for him. I held my ground and said no, and soon we heard someone screaming to open the hatch. It was John.”

Orpheus nodded, “I knew he would make it out of there. Good that you didn’t let Allegra force you into opening the hatch…” She said shaking her head, “I swear sometimes that girl drives me insane.”

“She is just very worried about him.” River said in his quiet accented voice.

While everyone looked calm, Elina looked angry, “She is just entirely stupid is what. I better get down to the Infirmary and check him out.” She did not wait for anyone else to respond and walked from the room. River, Orpheus and Billy all exchanged a knowing look before they began moving out of the room too. It was River that motioned the now standing Rose to follow them.

Rose did not have time to process all this information that Orpheus spilled onto her. She needed time to collect her thoughts. But it was not happening now. She was hurrying alongside the group to see John, the man who had placed her life before his own. She owed him much more than a simple thank you, she felt indebted to him.

River surprised her as he said, “Do not think so hard about it. It was his job to protect you.”

She was startled at the softness of his voice, it was not a tone she imagined he would have. But then again it had startled her when he spoke before about the humans. She did not know if she would ever get used to a man with such a presence, someone who commanded attention almost as much as Orpheus did, and yet had such a wonderfully tender and caressing voice. Yet she knew it was not the only voice he had. On the bridge when he was pulling her to him telepathically -away from Kemar- he had spoken in a tone that was dangerous and low. It had given her chills. But she also knew, didn’t know how, but she knew that this was his voice, it could change and he could make it angry and dangerous but at the end of the day, it was the tender calming voice that was his true one. She couldn’t help but think that he would be a great father.

“I- I just do not know how to thank him. He saved my life, he risked his own. I would never ask anyone to do that.”

“We all know how important you are…Rose. Any one of us would lay their life down for you if it meant keeping you safe.”

Rose found that so troubling, “I do not want anyone to do that for me. I am not this special person you all think I am. I am just another human…And even if I was carrying around this cure, that does not mean that I would let or want people to sacrifice themselves for me, its—“

He cut her off gently, “You need time to process all that has been revealed to you. Moving from one revelation to the next is not going to help you. Perhaps you should head back to your room and relax. You seem a little pale.”

River had stopped them both; the others in front had disappeared through the underground castle.

Rose looked at him, “I – I — ..” She stammered a little, nervous that it was just the two of them now.

“I really should go see John.”

“John will be here when you wake, you can always go speak to him… plus he will have his hands full with friends clamoring to see him.”

Rose began to protest but he simple said, “You also have not eaten. It is not good for you to go hungry. Come I will walk you to your room as I fear you will get lost down here and then I will ask the kitchen to bring you some food that you like.”

Rose wanted to argue some more, but she had to admit he was right. She was feeling a tad faint, her stomach was eating itself and she really did want to lie down and fall into sleep by herself and not because it was drug induced, and not to mention that she really wanted to dissect the information she was just given about herself. She nodded her assent and River did a little bow, “This way then, Rose.”



Within the catacombs of the underground castle Orpheus ran, there was a whole floor dedicated to Elina Redfield. Just like there was a whole floor for John and all his fellow scientists to work, aptly named The Labs Floor. This floor for Elina was the Infirmary Floor. It spread out far and wide, with plenty of smaller rooms for recovering patients, an operating room, and even a waiting room. It was a miniature hospital fit into a floor. It was run by Elina as she was the head doctor and had been for the past 30 years. There were several nurses, all vampires as there was no education available for humans nowadays. That is unless you were a vampires’ blood slave and they wanted their human educated and practicing in a career…but that was very rare.

Elina now was looking over some xrays put together by the nurses who had handled John when he first came in. She noticed that a lot of bones that were broken had healed by themselves, but had healed with a misalignment. She left the X-Ray room and walked to the Operating Room. It seemed that everyone was outside, talking, chattering away.

Elina cleared her throat.


They all looked at her cold stare and the bubbly happiness at one of their friends being alive and well enough to make jokes with them disappeared.

“I take it everyone has said their hellos and welcome backs? If not then you have to wait until he is out of surgery.”

Orpheus was the last to leave the OR. She had an interesting talk with John about Rick and Kemar as well as Synthesis. It was too short a meeting though and she would be looking forward to the long descriptive version of his when he was feeling better. For now he told her the important details that she needed to know immediately. She heard what Elina was saying and made her way through the crowd.

“How bad is he?”

“His bones were broken in various places and because he had fed on blood before he got locked down there, his healing abilities accelerated and healed the bones with a misalignment. I have to break the bones to set them properly and let him heal.”

Orpheus nodded and turned to the small crowd.

“I know everyone is excited that we have Mr.Montgomery back in our midst but we need the Doctor to do what she does best. Please leave the infirmary and go back to your posts and duties.”

There were several nods and murmurs as the crowd dispersed, each bowing with either a “Yes Madame O”, “As you wish Madame O”, “Of course Madame O,” and other acknowledgements before they left. Orpheus left as she had her own business to attend to. Elina landed her ice cold blue eyes on her red haired friend who sat outside the OR. She was getting up to head back inside to see John, when Elina called to her.


She turned and offered Elina a bright smile.

“Yes my darling Elina, isn’t it fantastic that he is back? Every time I think about him down there, I think Im going to cry. But then I look at him in there and feel his hand in mine and I know that he is alright, that he is with me now.” Allegra gushed and ran her words into each other as she eagerly described her feelings to Elina. Elina could see the look of relief in her expressive eyes. Allegra was never one to hide her feelings. She was an open book and so easy to read….so easy to take advantage of.

Elina nodded, “Yes, its fantastic.” She said a bit dryly, though Allegra did not notice.

“Im going to ask you to leave now Allegra.”

That shut the red head up. “What?”

“I need you to leave.”

“Why Elina? I mean…I promised him that I would stay with him through the surgery. He knows about his bones and you know that he is not a great patient. He hates being a patient…he hates the pain.” Allegra said ending the last confession on a softer note.

“I know, but do you really think that he wants his girlfriend to see him in pain? Think about it, he will feel like he is being emasculated in your eyes.”

Allegra shook her head, “No…after all he has been through, that is the last thing I think about him…besides Johns not like that, he is not that proud. You can ask him, he does want me in there. And I want to be in there with him. I can’t let him feel this alone.” She said.

“I know Allegra, I know you want to be there. But really, think about it okay. He is just saying that to make you feel comfortable, to not worry about him. With you there he might tell me it doesn’t hurt when it does. Okay?” She said trying to soften her voice a little, offering a small thin lipped smile here and there.

Allegra bit her lip and did think about it. Her heart screamed ‘NO!’ she desperately wanted to be with him to hold his hand and lay soothing kisses on his brow to abate the pain. But then Elina was her best friend, helped her when she came into the Midnight Bloods and under Madame O’s protection a year ago. She trusted her as much as she trusted John. She would never lie to her, deceive her or guide her wrong. She knew what she was talking about, she was a doctor after all.

Reluctantly she said, “Alright Elina. I trust you know what your talking about. And I do not want to cause him more pain or make him feel any of what you said he might feel. Please tell him that I am going to be in the waiting room until its all done.”

Elina had to suppress a small smile of victory as Allegra obeyed.

“Great..Ill let him know. And actually, I think Madame O wanted to see you. She mentioned you to me earlier to today, something about you doing an errand for her?” She said, fabricating a lie. Did she feel bad for lying to Allegra, her best friend, the only person who did not stop at her cold exterior and genuinely wanted to befriend her? No.

Allegra looked conflicted now.

“But…but she was right here, she did not tell me anything and plus she knows Ill want to be with John…”

Elina shrugged, “Just telling you what I heard.” She began walking to the OR doors.

Allegra sighed, “Ill go see what she needs….just, please tell John that I will be waiting here for him?”

Elina nodded and smiled at the girl as she began walking quickly out of the hallway. That was easier than she thought, what did John see in her?

Allegra was rushing, she hoped that Madame O really did not prolong her, send her on some tedious task…or maybe she will have a heart and postpone it. With the latter in mind, she hurried even faster up the stairs and through the twisting hallways.



While Allegra went off to find out what Madame O wanted, Elina entered the OR. The nurses had prepped John for surgery. Since they were vampires, anesthetic did not work on them. Just like alcohol it lost its effect and ran through the body like nothing. The most that it would do was allow them a 3 minute numbing effect and then it was done. And to keep pumping anesthetic into someone, no matter if they were vampires was not something that should be done. Even vampires had a toxic level. So all surgeries that were done to vampires were done with them conscious, awake and feeling every needle stitch, every pinch, scrape, and tear.

“Allegra can you —“ John stopped what he was going to ask,

“Where is Allegra?”

Elina pulled a couple stray hairs behind her ear as she stepped forward into the room further. She made a gesture with her hands and the nurses left the room. For most surgeries she used their help, for this one she preferred to work alone…with John.

“She said something about seeing Madame O…rushed out of here…must have been pretty important.” She replied nonchalantly.

John shook his head as he sat up, but because his arms had healed improperly, he had to struggle with the simple movement.

“What? She said she was going to stay here with me. Why would she go see Madame O now of all times?”

Elina did another shrug as she washed her hands at the nearby sink and began putting sterile gloves on.

“Like I said it must have been something important.”

John narrowed his eyes, “You sent her away, didn’t you?”

“I did nothing of the sort John, okay. I mean why are you blaming me for this? If she did not want to stay, she didn’t want to stay. What do you want me to do?” She asked defensively.

But John knew her all too well. He shook his head. “Unbelievable.” He muttered.

“Besides, what do you need her for right now? Im here…and its me that is going to fix you right up…not her.” Elina replied, she walked to the table he laid on and leaned forward. “Right?” She asked with a smile.

John sighed and simple placed his arm over his eyes.

“Let’s just get this over with Elina.”

“Oh come on now John. This is a very slow and careful process. We can have some good stimulating conversations while I reset your bones. I know how much you like those….I bet you haven’t been getting intelligent conversations out of little Miss Sunshine.”

“Leave her out of this Elina.” John said, irritation laced around his normally calm voice.

Elina ran her hand down his bare leg. She would start low and work her way up.

John didn’t open his eyes, he knew what she was doing and it was pissing him off. Just when he was about to demand another doctor, although it was futile since she was the only doctor that the Midnight Bloods had with them, he inhaled sharply as she began cutting into his skin. He screamed as she cut through the bone and screamed again as she pulled the bones together, aligning his right tibia. He cursed rapidly under his breath. “Try not to enjoy this too much Elina.”

Elina looked at him as she held the severed bones together. She was pouring fresh blood on it to stimulate the healing process.

“I am not enjoying this sweetheart. You know that I hate to see you in pain. Now there is only 6 more bones to fix and you’ll be as good as new.” She replied sourly.

John scoffed at her response and closed his eyes again, waiting for this to be over and done with.









Authors Note:

Thought you guys might enjoy a shot of the layout of the Infirmary Floor. It is HUGE and took me so long to make. I figured that I would be using it a lot more in the future and might as well get the whole floor done and out of the way instead of doing it room by room as needed. :]

Hoped you enjoyed the chapter! Happy weeks ahead! xoDusty

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  1. Sylentwhysper

    Great Chapter!! I’m really loving the character interactions and the personal conflicts of each. I’m smelling a possible romance between Rose and River??? Looks like a love triangle between John, Allegra and Elina…interesting. Btw, the hospital floor looks awesomely cool. Nicely done!!

    July 23, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    • Hey Sy! Your guesses all are very good ;3
      Thank you for reading! And Im glad you enjoyed!! xo

      July 24, 2012 at 6:50 pm

  2. I am really surprised by Elina. I knew she wasn’t the most friendly, and happiest person, and that she is pretty much the opposite of Allegra, and I can relate to that. But I didn’t think she would be such a… a… so heartless!!! Allegra was her “best friend”, the only person who could get past her cold exterior, and she betrays her! I used to like Elina… It seems like John isn’t susceptive to her flirts. Good for him, unless he’s only being rude because he has to have his bones reset. I hope he isn’t a player.

    I have to agree with Sylentwhysper. From the beginning I figured a possible romance between Rose and River. River seems like a pretty cool guy, despite the fact that he is inwardly struggling (I think).

    Awesome chapter! And good job with the infirmary floor. I don’t think I could ever build something like that.

    July 24, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    • Elina is quite heartless. She seems to have her eyes set on something and doesnt care who she has to hurt or betray to get what she wants. Seems the only person she wouldnt betray is Orpheus. She is all she seems….Allegra might be looking for something in her that doesnt exist. I only hope the same about John too.

      You are right, River is struggling big time internally….and because of it I dont think it will be possible for anything to stem from any kind of relationship that you guys are all sensing….quite sad actually. But his story will have to be told for another chapter. 😉

      Thank you for reading and commenting Nate!! The Infirmary was time consuming but fun! 🙂

      July 24, 2012 at 6:57 pm

      • Hey Dusty. I just wanted to let you know that 1.4 is up on my blog if you would like to check it out. Perhaps you could let me know what you think…

        October 9, 2012 at 3:57 pm

  3. Poor Allegra….I hope she puts Elina in her place soon…..wow….Elina sure is sly and nasty …..no muss/no fuss type of girl….”He screamed as she cut through the bone and screamed again as she pulled the bones together, aligning his right tibia. He cursed rapidly under his breath. “Try not to enjoy this too much Elina.”

    Elina looked at him as she held the severed bones together. She was pouring fresh blood on it to stimulate the healing process.

    “I am not enjoying this sweetheart. You know that I hate to see you in pain. Now there is only 6 more bones to fix and you’ll be as good as new.” She replied sourly.” Yipes….

    Wonderfully written Dusty….you make these Vamps so human….did that make sense? Looking forward to your next chapter!

    July 24, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    • Hey Buttons! Thank you, Im am glad that you enjoyed the writing. <33
      Only time will tell what Allegra will do. She is so sweet that one has to question if she will have the guts to put the mean fish Elina in her place.
      Thank you again for the compliment <33 I am so happy that you can sense them as more…its means a job well done on my part ;))) xo

      July 24, 2012 at 7:03 pm

  4. Cinnamon Sugar

    Lovely new chapter! Looks like there might be some chemistry gong on between River and Rose, but I’ll wait and see what transpires.

    So Elina loves John, seems like they used to be a couple, although I can see why John would have left her. I can’t believe how manipulative she is! Poor Allegra, I wonder how she’ll react when Madame O has nothing to tell her. Will she see through Elina’s lie, or will she believe that Elina just misunderstood?

    I’m glad John isn’t falling for her games and that hopefully he’ll be up and all healed soon. I hate to think of the extra time he’d have to spend with Elina just because she wants him there.

    July 24, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    • Cinnamon Sugar

      Oh and the hospital floor looks amazing! I can’t believe you did that!

      July 24, 2012 at 6:28 pm

      • Hmm….Elina and John…very perceptive 😉
        Allegra is going to be one of those characters where your going to want to give her a good shake to make her see what is there. XD She is too sweet and trusting for her good.

        The only thing that is on Johns side is that he can see through her guiles and call her bullcrap. I do hope the same though. The sooner he is outta surgery, the further he can get away from Elina and closer to Allegra.

        Thank you! It was tiring and tedious and took to long with too many breaks but it was also kinda fun. 🙂
        Thank you for reading and commenting, always appreciated <3333 xo

        July 24, 2012 at 7:10 pm

        • Cinnamon Sugar

          Lol, thanks 😀
          Oh dear, I can just see me now trying to reach through the screen to slap her to make her see the truth and getting frustrated because I can’t. Poor Allegra, hopefully she’ll learn something from the whole situation… you know… down the road.
          Yes, thankfully John does have those skills, but I’m still betting it was something he learned after being with her. Hopefully though old feelings don’t resurface.
          Lol, I find that breaks are ALWAYS a necessity when building. No matter how many there are 😛
          Well I wouldn’t read if it wasn’t interesting, and I know how much I love getting comments and how much feedback is appreciated so you’re most welcome ^_^.

          August 2, 2012 at 12:07 am

  5. Allegra is a very interesting character. Although, she seems to sweet and dangerously vulnerable. I do not want to see her get hurt. Elina is such a character. She is just so nasty, and is pleasured by other people’s pain. I feel like some one needs to put her in her place, if not, I will!

    I do hope John gets back to Allegra, and that they can have a happy future together! Great chapter! Brilliant writing! 😀

    July 27, 2012 at 1:13 am

    • Thanks Antsims!!

      Allegra is as you super sweet, it can be nauseating but its in her character and sometimes its just so refreshing to see someone who is not jaded that people take to her instantly. She is very interesting though, and she makes you wonder if there is more to her than just being that trusting, vulnerable and friendly girl.

      Elina is indeed very nasty…she has been around for a long time and is they type to get what she wants…now.
      Its no wonder Allegra is her only friend because people just stop at the coldness she gives off…and good reason too as it is seen here…she will betray you.

      August 16, 2012 at 12:26 am

  6. -_- Does Elina have some kind of crush on John? She’s coming off a little jealous and a lot flirtatious lol. It would be messed up if she tried to steal him from Allegra. Great chapter Dusty and an even more impressive infirmary!! O.O . You should be very proud of it. Looking forward to the next chapter!! ❤

    July 29, 2012 at 12:56 am

    • Thanks Rika!
      Elina is a bit complicated, but when she wants something she will get it. Its her way…thats why she has no friends…she gets what she wants and doesnt care who she has to hurt to get it…all that matters is herself. Its quite sad actually, especially when she has such a loyal friend by her side and she still betrays her, you would think that she would amend her ways…learn from her years and years of existence.

      August 16, 2012 at 12:28 am

  7. I’m not sure what to make of Elina? It seems like she has a crush on John, but it just looks like more of an obsession than anything else. Hopefully she doesn’t succeed in separating him and Allegra.

    I also noticed the kind of relationship Rose and River have… I’m curious to see how it will develop.

    If you don’t mind me asking, I was wondering how you get your sims to do exactly what you tell them? For example, the way they’ll lie down on the floor, or for instance the way John is lying in bed, with an arm over his head, and Elina touching his tibia? Everything is so precise, and I was wondering how you got it to be that way?

    August 15, 2012 at 1:05 am

    • An obsession…oooo…those are always fun. ;}
      I too wonder what it is that she has….

      Rose and River…lolz…lots of speculation there with those two already and all they did was have a conversation. XD I love you guys for that.
      We will just have to wait and see where those two hearts lie. ;}

      Of course I do not mind! Please, always ask! ^^
      I make my own poses for those scenes where I cant get normal sim actions or if I cant find the pose I need online. ^^ I hope that helps. I really do recommend the poser box for sim stories as creators are making more and more regular everyday poses. But sometimes I cant find what I want online so I just make it myself. There are alot of subtle poses throughout the chapters that I make myself, they seem so simple that you wouldn’t realize that they were made for the scene. ^^ That last picture were two poses made by me.

      August 16, 2012 at 12:36 am

      • Wow.. People really are making conclusions over River and Rose! Only after one conversation.. Imagine after two! Hehe..

        I find it very interesting what you were saying about the poses! I’d never thought of it that way. For those you find online are they types of mods or..?

        August 20, 2012 at 4:46 am

  8. Excellent chapter. At first I thought that Elima was on the other side of the fence, but then I realized that she is just jealous ofjohn’s relationship with Allgra. Her hair colour is beautiful. I don’t suppose you could tell me what the colour number sare :)?

    August 19, 2012 at 12:04 am

    • By the way, when is the next chapter going to be posted. Can’t wait to read more!

      August 19, 2012 at 12:05 am

  9. I could swear I left a comment on this update!

    I love the layout of the infirmary, it’s so detailed. It must have taken you hours to build and decorate?

    River is mighty fine, I wouldn’t mind meeting him in RL. And I love how in tune Rose seems to be with him. I have a feeling Orpheus will not appreciate Rose’s insight into River and her curiosity with him.

    As for Elina, she scares me, the conniving way she got rid of Allegra makes me think she wants John for herself.

    Wonderful update as always.

    November 2, 2012 at 2:32 pm

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