Allegra rapped on the doỏ̉r lightly, “Madame O?” She asked. Impatience was her countenance.

“Come in.” Orpheus said going through some papers that were on her desk. She looked up as Allegra entered her office.

“Allegra?” She asked in surprise. “What brings you here dear? I thought you would be like glue to John.” She said looking back down as the papers.

“Elina said you needed to see me.”

Orpheus looked up at that.

“Elina huh?” Orpheus said, a bit of distaste in her mouth as she mulled over the lie.

She sighed and gestured for Allegra to come closer into the room. She herself walked around her desk.

“Allegra, I will never understand your friendship with Elina.”

Allegra looked at her a bit confused, “What do you mean? She is a wonderful person.”

Orpheus looked at the young innocent face and sighed.

“You are much too trusting Allegra…Elina is not someone to…well, trust. Especially when you have something she wants.” Orpheus said leaving the confused girl as she walked back to her desk. She had things to settle before morning broke. She needed to know what Rick was now up to; he was not one to stand idle for too long. He would be making his next move, if he had not done so already.

Allegra stood confused at Madame O’s statement. “I do not understand what you are trying to tell me Madame O. I have nothing that Elina would want.”

Orpheus looked up at Allegra, “Oh, you still here dear? I thought you would have rushed back to John.” She said distracted from their earlier cryptic conversation by the task at hand. She did not even bother to even look up; her own mind was a fluttering mess. There was Black to worry about and they were having problems with new rogues coming in from Dead Valley. She ran the Sectors, no matter what anyone said or how much the rogues who were not part of the Midnight Bloods disliked it, they couldn’t deny that she brought peace and negotiations to the table. They would have all killed themselves already if she was not around to establish a set of laws.

Allegra, even more confused at the strange turnaround of the conversation, “So…you do not need me then?”

“No dear, not at all. Go tend to John. Im sure he is in much pain right now…as well as discomfort at you’re not being there.” She said.

Allegra nodded, her confusion was abated by the relief that she was not needed and that she could go back downstairs. She made no delay on turning around and heading to the double doors.


“Yes?” Allegra replied turning back around so quickly she nearly fell off her feet.

This time Orpheus gave her direct eye contact, her voice serious.

“I believe its time you paid a visit to your brother, don’t you?”

Allegra looked at her surprised.

“Of course, I am always ready to go see him whenever you wish.”

Orpheus nodded, “I know dear, I know. You do that soon, and report back to me.”

Allegra nodded, “Yes, Madame O.” She bowed before making her exit.

Orpheus watched the girl leave. She shook her head. Allegra was not one to catch on quickly. She still viewed the world with shiny eyed innocence. She was older than Rose, yet so much younger. She believed the good in people, and that is where her demise would be…well her second demise as her first had her turned into a vampire.

But, as much as she would like to let Allegra in on the secret, she was not one to get involved. Seemed everyone agreed with her as no one has even hinted more than a whisper to the poor girl. Orpheus sat down, now…what was Rick up to?

Allegra closed the door behind her, as she made her way downstairs she mulled over the cryptic message that Madame O had given her. Why were so many people opposed to her and Elina’s friendship? Sure the pink haired woman was a cold reptile to anything warm, but underneath it all there was a person there who was just afraid of being alone and hated people to know that she needed a friend. Allegra could never understand why Elina gave off such a vibe in the first place. She had so much to offer. Even John disliked their friendship, and John got along with everyone. She found it hard to believe that he hated Elina. She shook her head, this is stupid. She trusted Elina…and that was all that mattered. She helped her a lot during her transition to being a vampire and she could never repay her enough for that. Allegra’s thoughts about Elina diminished as she thought about Madame O’s last order. Her wonderful mood at having John back was rained on as she thought of her brother. Her heart would have been pounding against her chest loudly if she had her fill of blood, but she had yet to feed. How the hell did she get herself into this situation? She wished she had never come, she wished a lot of things in that moment. But the moment she said it she took it back. She had never loved anyone more than John…she just wished that Bayer was here with them…it would be perfect.



Rose looked at the platter that had been delivered to her room. River was gone after polite conversation was made and she sat alone in the room. The food smelled delicious. Her stomach made embarrassing gurgling and demanded her compliance to eat. She was even more embarrassed when River had asked what she would like to eat and she could come up with nothing. He instead ordered for her. Growing up on the move in Dead Valley meant no luxurious meals, everything was in cans. Sometimes when they had stayed in one place for a while, her father and mother would meet food traders by the Boundary and the whole clan would eat cooked food, some fruits and even meat. Towards the end though that became as rare as a blue moon.

She now looked at the food on the plate. River had told her that the meat was breaded chicken, with mashed potatoes, some brown liquid he called gravy, a piece of yellow spongy looking cake that he said was corn bread and baby corns (she never knew corn could be that tiny!) and a small bowl of assorted vegetables (at least she was able to say she had eaten most of those vegetables.)

She hesitantly began eating, and soon devoured the entire platter. She was licking her fingers and wanted more. Her stomach was just not full yet. She had never eaten anything so tasty! She instantly regretted when it was all done. She should have taken her time and savored every flavor and texture. It truly was exquisite. While she idly licked her fingers and pressed it to the platter, licking up crumbs, she took a moment to look around the room. Just like the rest of what she had seen from walking around, the room was expensively furnished and richly decorated with greens and yellows.

She walked around the room after the platter was literally licked clean and appreciated the designs that decorated the room. She ran fingers lightly to feel the fabrics. She had been in such a daze when she woke, she didn’t take time to appreciate the beauty of the room. She even gawked for a moment in the bathroom before she washed her hands. She felt so strange to be in such a place, everything was so beautiful and rich. It overwhelmed her senses and she suddenly felt very alone, she had no one to share this with, no one to excitedly chatter with. How she wished that her mother and father could enjoy this with her, even the others in the clan that she had traveled with. No one had ever seen anything this grand.

She sat at the edge of the bed and took several deep breaths, the pain was still fresh along her side and she didn’t realize how much she had been shielding to keep the pain at bay to get her through Orpheus’s meeting. As she breathed deeply, her mind flitted to thoughts and a train of it came once she thought about the clan, she thought about that day, it made her think of the children and then of the human slaves walking around. She then thought about the human farms and her grandparents. She curled herself on the bed and thought long and hard about them. Her mother never knew her own mother but she knew her father before he was killed. She wished that she had known them, they sounded like amazing people. As she thought about her grandparents and her parents, her eyes grew heavy. She had so many questions about them. She wanted to know what they were like. She would have to ask Orpheus when she got the chance.

As her lids fell over her vision, blurring everything a second at a time, she thought about her own fate. Was she really the only answer they have? Was she the hope that humans have longed for? Was she really carrying the cure that could tilt the scales of life to a more balanced state? Then a terrible thought crossed her mind, what if she wasn’t carrying it? Oh, how disappointed everyone would be, she would have let them down, all the humans and vampires that wanted freedom. John would have risked his life for nothing; she would have caused so much trouble for them all, so much unnecessary risks and tension being created because of her. As she was whisked away into dark, comforting sleep, her last conscious thought was, “Oh please, please, let me have the cure.”



The night was winding down and dawn was peeking around the edges of the buildings in Metropolis A and B. Even the Sectors had a wispy, mysterious glow to it making you forget for a moment about the trash, graffiti and Rogues that hid with a watchful eye. Most vampires were already asleep, whether it be in their coffins, beds, or levitating above their stone slab.

Darla stifled a yawn as she marched up the stairs, her heels clicking and resonating in the dark silence. Douglas had his back towards her as she walked up to the main steel door that was the upper ground entrance to the Midnight Bloods home.

“Dougy…what is the matter. Im beat.” She said.

Douglas turned around, holding a package in his hands. Darla instantly became alert, “Where did you get that?”

“One of the Rogues we trust, Steven, gave the signal knocking code. He said that he was handed this package from another rogue, who said they got it from someone else, either way, origin sender can’t be traced as its been through so many hand changes.”

Darla scrutinized the package, “I take it it’s not a bomb.”

“Nah, already had it checked by Alex.” Darla nodded, Alex was one of the few that they had that actually had real military background, he was also part of an elite government bomb squad before he was attacked and sought out Madame’s O refuge.

“Who is it to?” She asked him.

Douglas met her eyes, “Its addressed to Rose Cassidy Brynn.”

Darla narrowed her eyes as she returned his steady gaze.

“Madame O will have retired already, we can leave it in her office. And alert her of it tomorrow.”

Douglas looked back at the package in his hands.

“Shouldn’t we wake her now?”

“As long as it’s not a bomb, it can wait.”

“You sure?” Darla had been there longer than he had. She shrugged in turn.

“Not my rules. Her’s…especially after people started waking her for things like letters and smaller packages than this that were no threat. That’s the whole reason she established the Detectors, so that whatever is delivered can be passed under their nose before it gets to her. If it’s not dangerous or marked as important, or she was not eagerly waiting for it, then it can wait until tomorrow.”

Douglas nodded, “Alex said it was a DVD.”

Darla nodded, “Alright, well I guess we will all know tomorrow. Lets go drop it off and then we can get some shut eye.” She slipped an arm through his and smiled.









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