I want to thank all the wonderful custom content makers, mod makers, hack geniuses, world creators, and sim creators for doing what they do. For without them making this story come to life with Sim pictures would not be possible. 

I use ALOT of cc for this story and to list them all would be crazy. If you would like to know where I got something please comment and ask me and I will try my best to find it for you.

Otherwise I would like to credit the following creators for supplying some major things that this story could not do without:

The world of Midnight Blood spans far and wide:

Viper Valley by mikitta47

Everything Island by Ruthless_kk

Silent Hill by Evin

Midnight Blood Characters I did not create:

John Montgomery whose actual name is Jose by IMHO

Terrific Mods that I recommend for storytellers and use:

NRaas MasterController & NRaas MasterController Cheats: MC is what I use to have more than 8 sims in a household, cannot make MB without this as there is so many extra’s, including rogues, humans, and the military.

NRaas Expanded Tattoos (for more tattoos location on your sims)

NRaas DebugEnabler

NRaas Animator

NRaas PortraitPanel: Mod I use to expand the portrait thumbnail panel. EA only allows 8 and then when other sims are added, they disappear. This makes it easier to manage all 40 sims in your shoot. XD

Get all the NRaas mods and more for whatever suits your needs at:

Thank you for any Feedback, its always appreciated!

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